So you want to become a dive instructor. Been there, done that. And I haven’t regretted it one single moment! This article is written for those who consider traveling abroad to become a scuba instructor. I will talk about all the things you need to consider when determining your budget, and I give you a cost indication as a reference whenever possible. Spoiler alert: becoming a dive instructor doesn’t come cheap!

Do you ever dream about quitting your 9-5 job and turn your passion for scuba diving into a career? Deciding to become a dive instructor is a BIG step. It’s the type of career that will change your life completely. Getting a clear overview of everything you need to know to make a well-informed decision can be overwhelming. To make your life a bit easier, I put together everything you need to know to become a dive instructor.

Have you been out of the water for a while? Are you worried you don’t remember everything from your dive course? Or are you just curious about diving and what you will learn in a dive course? Take this scuba diving quiz to test your knowledge and learn a little (or a lot) along the way! It’s completely free, and an easy way to review your knowledge while you’re waiting to go diving again.

Trim is one of the four fundamental skills in scuba diving, yet there are many divers who don’t always have good trim. Why is that, and is it really that important? Although the concept of trim is fairly simple, it’s not always so simple to achieve it. Today we’ll take a look at what trim is exactly and why it’s important. I’ll also give you some tips to help you achieve perfect trim, and discuss common problems.

The world of technical diving can be intimidating. It looks cool, goes deep and involves a lot of tanks, but do you know what it is exactly? Find out everything you need to know in this beginner’s guide to technical diving: different types of technical diving, gear & configurations, risks, training requirements and much more!

There’s one dive skill that you’ve been doing way before you even became a scuba diver: breathing. You’ve been doing it all day, every day from the moment you’ve been born, and I’m guessing it has worked out pretty well for you so far. So it can come as a surprise when I tell you that your breathing technique may not be as good as you think it is! In this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about breathing underwater.