Project Hinabang

We all know that the Corona virus has hit many communities around the world. In the area of Dauin in the Philippines, most people work in tourism. With the closing of borders, resorts, restaurants and dive centers since mid March, pretty much everyone has lost their job. This is not unique to this area, but in this country no work means NO PAY. For people who didn’t have much to begin with – even when there was work – this is a disaster.

People are struggling to provide for their families, and with borders remaining closed for the time being, there is no indication that the situation will get better any time soon.

What we do

With donations from all over the world, we try to offer some relief to families that are affected by the pandemic by distributing food packages. All proceeds go 100% to those who need it. We personally buy all food items, create the packages and do the handover ourselves. Besides that we try to be as transparant as possible about where your money ends up. We are currently aiming to do a distribution round every two weeks.

donate a food package

With only $26 / EUR 23 / PHP 1,300 you can give a family in need a massive food package!


There are many families out there that need help at the moment, but unfortunately we can’t help all of them. That’s why we came up with the following criteria for someone to qualify for one of our food packages:

  • Family with children
  • Main provider has lost his/her income due to covid-19
  • Not received any other aid yet from employer, church or individual program similar to ours (government aid not included)
  • Living in the Bacong / Dauin / Zamboanguita area

If you know of a family that meets these criteria and could use some extra help, please leave a comment or send an email to [email protected].

send your donation now

If you want to do something that will truly make a difference, this is your chance! For European bank accounts, donations can be made through For international donations, please leave a comment and I will send you my PayPal account.

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