All scuba divers are (or should be) familiar with the buddy system. You were probably imprinted during your Open Water Course to never ever dive alone – unless you are properly trained for it. I’m sure you know all the reasons why the buddy system is so important (you do, right?). But how well do you actually follow it? As your experience grows, it’s likely that you get a bit more (re)lax(ed) when it comes to being a good buddy. That’s completely normal, it happens to the best of us. But that also means that we need to re-evaluate our habits every now and then,

and face the truth about what type of dive buddy you really are.

Make sure you answer honestly – pick those answers that represent you best and not those that you consider the ‘correct’ answer.

One last thing! To improve your reading experience I refer to the buddy as he or him instead of he/she or him/her. It goes without saying that a dive buddy may just as well be female 🙂

Curious? Take the quiz!

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